Viral Stealth - The Kernel Constitution

The Kernel Constitution

Viral Stealth

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Viral Stealth - The Kernel Constitution

Viral Stealth's first album first album - The Kernel Constitution - is a rough and sincere lament on a personal history of physical abuse and torture during childhood followed by years of sufferings from psychosis, mental disease and hospitalization. But the album is also a philosophical search for a true human essence (the kernel) rejecting thousands of years of mechanism and materialism in western culture. The album’s song structure is divided into two parts, as a 12 inch vinyl with a side A (“First Declaration”) and a side B (“Final Declaration”), each in turn made to represent a psychic state versus a resistance and awakening.


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  1. Viral Stealth - Catharsis
  2. Viral Stealth - Monolithic
  3. Viral Stealth - Zonadined
  4. Viral Stealth - Solid State
  5. Viral Stealth - Viral Spread
  6. Viral Stealth - Trauma
  7. Viral Stealth - Autobiography
  8. Viral Stealth - Enter the Stream